• The creation of new marketing stories

  • Supervising the marketing of products and services

  • Handling of brands and nurturing their growth and development




  • Research everything and everyone, in every way. We also include our own research tool ”Expression Base”.

  • We analyze, propose and recommend changes for the better.



Special communication

  • Supervising communication in transactions and capital acquisitions

  • Guiding the reputation of companies and their administrations

  • Leading the relationships between the public

  • Handling of brands

  • Research, analysis and consulting



Advertising Service

  • Planing advertising campaigns for market communication

  • Production of all elements for advertising (TV, RA, press, External advertising, interactive, digital and social)

  • Planing, leasing and evaluating all media channels of communication




  • The Planing and execution of all events from sales to motivational.


Member of we_CAN network